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During the crisis and to better serve our clients with their advisory needs, we are approved to take on assignments/consulting at an hourly rate. If you need our services for any reason, please click here.

Bill Maher on Twitter, July 31,2020:  Make no mistake America fighting COVID is like a boxer who went into the ring out of shape and is taking a beating for it. #Quarantine15


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*Click on the button to submit an “inquiry” for the Paycheck Protection Program funding. Be sure to select the Business Lending button and when completing the form, select Paycheck Protection Program as the service line. CLICK HERE

*This is a fantastic read from the CEO of Oaktree, Howard Marks. They are the largest asset management firm in the USA. Focus on page 6 through the end on “looking for the bottom.” CLICK HERE

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Employee Retention Credit Now Available To PPP Recipients. DOWNLOAD

*An excellent read on how Chinese clubs are handing the reopening.* A survey of 10,824 gym members. 46.67% won’t return.

*Consider putting together a “Member Crisis Management Committee.” This will ensure the members know that their voices are being heard and any new rules & regulations have been implemented in partnership with the MCMC.

*Click below to download the OSHA handbook: “Guidance On Preparing Workplaces For COVID-19.”

*Click here to download “Life After COVID: The Gradual Path to Restoring Public Health, Markets & the Economy” a webinar conducted by Deutsche Bank, April 2020.

Click here to download the final reopen retail blueprint from the Retail Industry Leaders Association

* August 2, 2020: A good article on what retail spaces are now worth.


Notes From Franchisors

*May 5, 2020: A good video from Yahoo Finance with Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Franchising about Crunch gyms reopening in Georgia & Oklahoma.

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