Welcome To The New Integrity Square!

Welcome To The New Integrity Square!

Well, certainly not ‘new” in the strictest sense since ISQ has been around for 10 years, and Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner has been in the industry for over 20. (If you missed this feature in Club Insider, take a look.) You may have noticed (in addition to this overdue website refresh) an increased emphasis on COVID, (LINK, to CV page) education (the HALO Academy,) HALO Talks, and recently. . .the launch of our quarterly email feature “Early Stage Companies To Watch.” Perhaps most importantly, inclusive in all of this is one of the broadest, most comprehensive statements on the HALO sector Pete has ever offered. Read that here. (LINK TO BLOG POST.)

As a former educator myself, I am particularly excited about the HALO Academy as it fills a niche that is simply unavailable elsewhere in the same capacity. In 2021, you’ll begin seeing consistent blog (or short videos) from Pete (as well as the rest of the ISQ team,) entries from guest bloggers, quick instructional videos, additional HALO Talks formats, and more.

But first thing’s first:

  • Read Pete’s statement here. (HYPERLINK) We have turned off comments purposefully, but welcome your thoughts on LinkedIn.
  • If you’re not already aware of our SMS options, you can text integritysq to 71441 to get alerted to our deals that are hitting the market OR text halotalks to 71441 to get notified when we post a new HALO Talks podcast.
  • Finally, if you’re not already on our email list, scroll down and opt-in at the bottom.

Thank you for your continued support of ISQ. Big things to come in 2021 for all of us!

David Ganulin